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Something to do with Used Coffee Grounds

Today I made a hand scrub. Not a regular sugar scrub, but a coffee-sugar scrub. I just dumped some used coffee grounds from this morning into an empty jar, and added some brown sugar. The recipe calls for 5 parts coffee to 1 part sugar, but I think the mixture could stand to have a little extra brown sugar to make it grittier (if you use coarse-ground coffee from a French press, you may be able to use less sugar.)

The smell is not the best, so I added a few drops of peppermint essential oil. I wanted to use something with more of an earthy scent to complement the coffee smell, but the peppermint ended up being very interesting. The end result smelled like mint chocolate.

I rubbed my hands and arms with the scrub, and after a few seconds, rinsed. My skin was pretty soft and stayed that way for a few hours. Coffee has lots of antioxidants and caffeine is good on skin, increasing blood flow and firming blood vessels. The best part was that the smell does not stay on skin.

Gift Idea: Tie a tag to the jar and give away to someone with noticeably rough hands!



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