Test: The Green Tea Bath

Supposed Benefits: The antioxidants and B-vitamins in green tea are said to soften the skin, heal wounds, and soothe the soul. Paired with candles and relaxing music, soaking in green tea should take me away to a happy place.

Supplies: 10 bags of green tea, water, tub.

Hypothesis: I believe the green tea bath will have a soothing smell, but I don’t expect to feel any physical benefits.
Process and Results: As the water ran, I dropped in 10 or 12 tea bags.

I let the tub fill up, and by that time the water was a nice brown color. The first thing I noticed was that the tea water felt much more hydrating than plain water. Some say green tea’s pH is more alkaline, while tap water is slightly acidic (if you are not aware, our bodies need to be slightly alkaline to be at its best). Maybe the pH balance of the water makes it feel better.
Contrary to my hypothesis, the bath did not have a scent.

I did not have any open wounds at the time of the bath, so I am unsure if green tea helps the healing process. The next time I have a papercut or rash, I will try applying a green tea bag to the area and see what happens.

After the soak, when I was all dry, I expected to have silky, glowing skin. That wasn’t the case. My hands and knuckles were as rough as if I’d taken a regular bath.

Another hypothesis I have is that the green tea can help reduce cellulite. Green tea contains more caffeine than soda, and almost as much as coffee. Applying caffeine to the thighs stimulates blood flow to the area. I believe that, upon soaking in green tea regularly, I will see a cellulite reduction in those problem areas.

The Grade: C+
Green tea baths are said to unfold a number of benefits for the body and mind. I certainly felt a greater relaxation than in normal bathwater, but did not experience better skin or an overall better health. I might need to take more than one green tea bath to feel any benefits. I will aim for one bath per week and I will revisit this test in the future.


Have you tried tea baths? How was your experience?


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3 responses to “Test: The Green Tea Bath

  1. Nicky

    Im in my tea bath as i write this :) instead of tea bags i used lose tea leafs, i find it very relaxing.

  2. katie

    I just began taking green tea baths… doing it for the long term benefits for the skin. I just wanted to suggest adding some essential oils to your bath. I primarily use carrot see oil… I’ve noticed since I started adding this oil to my bath (even before the green tea) that it makes my skin feel so soft.

  3. Ang

    I love the pic! It’s like a Tetely factory exploded in your bathroom. Thanks for the info!

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